Women comprise the majority of the tattoo population seeking tattoo removal. A recent study estimated that as many as 69% of people seeking tattoo removal were women.

What does this mean and why are so many women desirous of having their tattoos removed?

The study outlines the importance women place on how they are viewed by society in general. The acceptance factor for tattooed women is still significantly lower than for tattooed men. Women are most concerned with body art placement and how visible the tattoo will be due to these stigmas and the negative feedback they receive in social and business situations.

Women in this study were also worried about becoming addicted to tattoos and piercings – a factor that rose with the uniqueness of the artwork. Although these women were reportedly very pleased with their tattoos when they got them, with the average age between 16 and 23 years of age, they claimed that their reasons for wanting tattoo removal later in life ranged from feelings of having grown-up and passed through their tattoo phase to the more obvious reason of being unhappy with the tattoo in general.

The decision to have laser tattoo removal is made at any age. Anyone who has a tattoo can become disillusioned or unhappy with the artwork, placement, or negative image issues and want removal. Tattooed women make the choice to have their tattoo removed within either a few minutes of their research into tattoo removal methods, or may take a year or longer to finally follow through with their decision.

If you are in the process of researching tattoo removal options for yourself, laser tattoo removal is the safest one available today. Current laser science places these new removal systems in a far superior position to their almost antique predecessors. Laser technology has improved to the degree that now even darker pigments; which in the past were something you had to either cover over or live with, can easily be removed and with minimal to zero damage to the skin. A reputable tattoo removal specialist will also use a skin cooling system in tandem with the laser removal process to eliminate any associated pain.

Do enough research before you commit to the decision and find yourself a reputable laser tattoo removal practitioner who can promise that their technicians are certified and that they are using the most advanced, top of the line equipment available today, the Quanta Q Plus C and T laser system.

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