Tattoo Removal Classes

Tattoos are a great way of expressing yourself through art, color, and design. Unfortunately, out of the millions of tattooed individuals, at least 17% of those with ink regret one or more of their tattoos. That’s a high number for a decision that is intended to be a permanent one.

Because of this, a new form of art has come into play, and it serves the exact opposite that a tattoo parlor does. Tattoo removal is a very important field within this industry, but it’s also a tricky element in the world of body mods. The demand for technicians who can remove tattoos is high, so getting certified through tattoo removal classes may prove to be a very good opportunity for many individuals out there with the interest.

The Laser Academy

Tattoo removal is not as simple as it sounds. You are operating a powerful device and working with lasers, so caution and precision is key here. Clients that come to you for help will be placing a lot of trust and confidence in your ability, so it’s important you can provide the service they need accurately and safely. That is why this academy exists; to help you master the art of removing… well, art.

More About The Course

During our state-approved course, you will learn how to perform proper consultations, use a laser, and handle yourself safely and in accordance with the law. Beyond that, you will master the basics of ink types, tissue interaction, skin typing, how to properly use wavelengths, and all of the latest techniques in an ever growing, always improving industry.

Tattoo removal is still a relatively new field, so there is always something new to learn and add to your set of skills. Our school breaks the mold and offers real life experience and a hands-on approach, instead of focusing on the theory of the subject and only giving examples to draw conclusions from.

Our students range from medical professionals to tattoo artists, and is welcome for anyone hoping to grow their existing career with a brand-new, high demand skill set.

Types Of Certifications

Upon completion of our tattoo removal course at Laser Academy, you will receive two valuable certifications that will jumpstart your practice and give you a strong foundation to build your business upon.  These two certifications are:

  • L.T.R.S (Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist)
  • L.S.O (Laser Safety Officer)

Both of these certifications are key to success. Many states require one or both of these certifications to be working with the laser devices needed for tattoo removal. Working without certification could have irreparable consequences to your career.

Resources & More!

On our website, you can get access to a lot more helpful information regarding tattoo removal, as well as valuable resources to assist you in your career moving forward. From educational video series to consultation guides, you’re covered with our help. You can even buy or rent tattoo laser devices from us for an excellent deal.

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