Best Tattoo Removal Machine Cost

Everything You Need To Know About Tattoo Removal Machine Cost.

Best Tattoo Removal Machine Cost and Why Finance It? 


Leasing is sometimes the only option for some businesses to acquire equipment, especially for start-ups that are cash strapped. Financing lets you to get your laser today and start monthly payments at a later date. As a start-up or non-medical practitioner, obtaining financing for medical equipment like tattoo removal lasers may seem almost impossible, but it’s not. Just as creative and passionate as you are about starting your business, we are the same about financing and will work with you in creating solutions and plans to obtain the funds you need.


Leasing provides the lowest monthly payments with flexible and deferred payment schedules and also allows costs to be moved off the balance sheet and out of capital budget. Operating leases usually have a positive effect on the customer’s Return On Investments (ROI) and allows you to utilize the Section 179 tax incentive to write off the expense to your benefit at the end of the tax year. Without having to provide the total amount to purchase your laser device, it frees up cash flow which can be used for other reasons such as: marketing, payroll, other equipment, etc.


Having “Bad Credit” has hindered many people from pursuing their dreams of financial independence. At Apex, we are not afraid of a low credit score and neither should you. Every one has a story and so does your credit history, so long as you are willing to be up-front and work hard, we can help you create a plan to obtain financing.



Capital Lease/Equipment Finance Loan

A capital lease is a fixed term of rental payments and at the end of the lease term you either own the equipment with the final payment or there is a $1.00 buyout. There is no option to return this equipment. The benefits of this lease or loan are that it provides a budget friendly option to purchase equipment with a fixed term and monthly payment.

Operating Lease

An operating lease is a fixed terms of rental payments, the same as a capital lease, however when the term ends, the equipment can either be purchased based on its fair market value, rented for an additional 12 months, or returned to lender. Benefits of this type of lease is that they usually provide the lowest possible monthly payment as it is a true lease and you do not own the equipment, but rather “renting” it. You do have the option to purchase the device at the end of the term via a fair market value estimation.

What you need to get started – DOCUMENTATION

Most files that are submitted will require the following documentation for consideration:

  • Credit Application
  • Equipment Quote
  • 3 months personal and business bank statements (if not a start-up)
  • 2 years personal and business bank statements (if not a start-up)

For start-up businesses, we will only need the personal financial documents and for A credit customers (2+ years in business, 700+ credit score) we can typically obtain approvals with the credit application alone.


Below is an interest and term calculator that generates general financing packages Apex has seen for the Medical Aesthetic industry.


*Please note that this is for your reference to obtain an idea of what terms would look like based on your general profile. All terms and financing options are conditional to credit score, time in business, amount of out of pocket funds, and overall financial strength of the customer and are subject to change ABOUT APEX Apex Financial offers equipment financing options for multiple industries for all business owners regardless of time in business and credit history. Not only do we provide financing, we can also provide free in-house consulting on certain equipment and strategies to help grow your business once you have your new equipment in hand. Apex Financial goes a step further and even provides connections to help sell your old equipment once you’re ready to upgrade. 
  • No Fluff. We’re honest about turn around times, interest rates, and the nitty gritty of your financing.  There is zero sugar-coating when it comes to the reality of your financing.
  • Creativity. We understand that no two financing packages are alike and we work with you in finding the right financing option for business.
Apex Financial was created when a group of professionals in the equipment financing industry realized there was a significant and desperate need for compassion and honesty when working with business owners. Too often there are professionals that take advantage of entrepreneurs when they are looking to grow and start their business and therefore we only partner with other individuals and entities in the industry that share our same philosophy. For More Info Contact

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