Tattoo Removal Classes & School Info

At A Laser Academy, we pride ourselves on having the best Laser Tattoo Removal Classes and Course in the world. Learn more below.
Tattoo Removal Classes: Course Info

Our state-approved course offers comprehensive tattoo removal classes hands on training programs so students can succeed in today’s thriving field of laser technology. If you are looking for laser tattoo removal certification, you’ve come to the right place!


A Laser Academy strives to set the highest standard in laser tattoo removal education. We offer a comprehensive course for physicians and their medical staff along with estheticians and tattoo artists to ensure advanced training necessary to enter the laser industry, or for any individual with a passion for lasers to use this as a stepping-stone for a new career in tattoo removal. This program is available for any individual looking to advance their professional status. As a state-approved tattoo removal course, we are but a handful of schools with the ability to provide laser tattoo removal certification, which is mandatory in many states. Upon completion of training, you will receive two certifications:


Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist


Laser Safety Officer

Laser Safety Officer


With various resources and experienced instructors to offer real world experience we are here to ensure complete hands on tattoo removal education. As opposed to other schools whose focus is on theory, we make it a point to give you as much experience with treatments, clients, and various lasers to ensure your success in the field. Our course covers:

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