A recent article about a Russian woman who allowed a tattoo artist – whom she’d met only 24 hours before – to tattoo his name “Ruslan” across her face in five inch gothic script has naturally gone viral .

One can only wonder what will happen should she wake up from her romantic-love-at-first-sight slumber and end the relationship. Obviously she must realize the permanent nature of tattoos as she herself is now apprenticing as an artist under her boyfriend of 24 hours, now husband.

Let’s speculate for a moment that Mr. and Mrs. Toumaniantz call the whole thing off. Unlike having someone’s name neatly scribed on your body, a facial tattoo of that size and color (it’s black) will take more than a few laser tattoo removal treatments to completely erase.

Difficult, maybe. Impossible? No way.

Luckily for Lesya, laser tattoo removal has come a long way. It is no longer the over-priced, excruciating option for jilted lovers and ex-gang members it used to be. Today’s lasers are streamlined with the ability to remove even the darkest pigments from the skin in less time, with fewer treatments; which means at less of an expense to you and with virtually no skin damage. With the addition of cooling technology, you won’t feel anything more than you felt when you had the tattoo done.

If you would like more information about laser tattoo removal, contact the professionals at A Laser Academy (1-800-221-6721)

If you would like to read the original article about this couple’s tattoos, you may find it HERE (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/woman-lets-man-tat-face-24-hous-meeting-article-1.1255541)

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