Every tattoo has personal meaning, and many of us can conceal it underneath our work attire, so why are so many Americans looking to remove their once beloved ink?  There are a few reasons why permanently removing a tattoo appeals to some individuals.  First and foremost, it is common for workplaces to now include a ban on facial piercings and body art in their dress codes.  Hiding tattoos underneath a full suit may be easy, but most of us do not work in an environment that requires wearing a full suit on a daily basis.  For individuals who work in a business casual environment where wearing short sleeves or cropped pants is standard, concealing certain tattoos is more challenging.

Another common reason for the desire to remove a tattoo is a change of heart, a desire for something truer to one’s new identity, or just not liking the finished product.  Many people spend several months planning out the perfect tattoo and not being satisfied with the end result is an issue that often leads to the removal of the tattoo.  Perhaps the placement isn’t correct.  Sometimes where you pictured your tattoo may not have been the best location on your body after all.  Sometimes the freehand drawing did not turn out the same as intended; the design is too big, too small, or the color scheme doesn’t look right on your skin tone.

Wanting to remove a tattoo after a divorce or a break up is typical and nothing to be ashamed of.  Some tattoos can be reminders of what are now painful memories and removing them can be a way to heal emotionally.  Whether you are considering removing your tattoo because of a broken heart, a change of career, or simply wanting something different, you can now easily change your mind thanks to laser technology.

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