You have a tattoo that you want removed.

But you don’t want to deal with the cost and pain of laser tattoo removal.

And since there are DOZENS of tattoo removal creams out there on the market, there’s a good chance you’ll give one of those a try.

You can use Amazon Prime and have one at your door in 2 days.

Or you can look up “tattoo removal cream Walmart” and you’ll tons of options.

But just because tattoo removal creams exist doesn’t mean that they actually work…

Lots of people out there have questions surrounding tattoo removal creams. And this article will answer them all.

Why do people use tattoo removal creams vs. laser tattoo removal?

Do permanent tattoo removal creams actually work?

Are tattoo removal creams dangerous?

What should I do to effectively and safely remove my tattoo?

Wrecking Balm – Fraud and a Funny Story

You probably started your tattoo removal cream research by searching “best tattoo removal cream” on google.

And after a couple of minutes of perusing you probably stumbled upon the brand Wrecking Balm a bunch of times, right?

It looks like this:

wrecking balm

I want you to think about something real quick….

Did you find ever find Wrecking Balm’s official website?

Probably not…

Or if you go on Wrecking Balm’s Facebook, you’ll see that their last post was in 2013…

Wrecking Balm Facebook

Why can’t you find their website and why is their facebook so outdated?

It’s because they were sued for fraud by our government. They made ridiculous claims about the success of their tattoo removal cream, which simply weren’t true.

Now to the funny part of the story…

Back in 2013 we bought this website domain,, from Wrecking Balm.

And shortly thereafter they were sued for fraud.

And now there’s potential evidence that the folks who created Wrecking Balm are white-labeling other tattoo removal cream products…

So whatever you do, stay away from Wrecking Balm and the folks who are behind this fraudulent enterprise.


Let’s jump into why you’re here – to discover if permanent tattoo removal creams exist.

Why do people use tattoo removal creams vs. laser tattoo removal?

There are 3 main reasons:

  1. People use tattoo removal creams because they’re cheaper than laser removal.
  2. People use tattoo removal creams because they’re less painful than laser removal.  
  3. People think that tattoo removal creams will be effective in removing their tattoo.

Do permanent tattoo removal creams exist?

Tattoo removal creams do exist.

But permanent tattoo removal creams do not exist.

You can go online and buy Tattoo Off, or Dermasal, or grab a bottle of Fade Away…

While these tattoo removal creams exist, they’re not going to remove your tattoo.

They just don’t work. Honestly, they’re a scam.

Tattoo removal creams DON’T work…

You might be thinking…

This guy runs a laser tattoo removal clinic. He’s biased. We shouldn’t trust what he has to say.

Here’s the thing:

I’m basing this article on scientific data and the opinions of other medical professionals.

Let’s use common sense…

Your skin has a layered structure to it, as shown in the image below:

Tattoo Removal Skin Image

When you get a tattoo, the ink sits in your skin, right?

But it’s a little more complicated than that…

The tattoo ink, depending on the color, will settle in different layers of your skin.

  • Epidermis (top layer) – red ink will settle here.
  • Upper part of the dermis (middle layer) – blue and green ink will settle here.
  • Dermis (bottom layer) – black ink will settle here.  

So what happens when you apply tattoo removal cream to the outside layer of your skin?

The cream begins to penetrate and “soak in” to your skin.


The cream can’t make it deep enough to reach the tattoo ink particles. It’s physically impossible for tattoo removal cream to safely reach the tattoo ink!

As a result:

Tattoo removal creams do not work. Cannot work. And based on modern science, will not work any time soon…

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine.

Listen to what other medical experts have to say about how tattoo removal creams don’t work.

1. Mayo Clinic:

Mayo Clinic is ranked one of the top hospitals in the world…

And they released an article saying that…

There’s no evidence that tattoo removal creams work. At best, tattoo removal cream might fade or lighten a tattoo. The tattoo will remain visible, however, and skin irritation and other reactions are possible.”

2. Healthine:

Healthline is another extremely credible source, and was determined by a 3rd party to have a “very high” factual rating.

Healthline states that…

Tattoo removal creams don’t work and can cause serious skin reactions that result in permanent skin or tissue damage.”

3. Insider:

Insider is a huge online news site.

They did extensive research into tattoo removal creams. Through their interviews with dermatologists and other medical professionals, they stated that…

The best [tattoo removal creams can] do is fade the tattoo slightly, says Schueller, who advises saving up for laser treatments instead”

4. Local News:

At the beginning of this article I mentioned Wrecking Balm, remember?

Well, this local news source in Seattle interviewed a man who tried Wrecking Balm for 40 treatments.

His tattoo looked exactly the same after 40 treatments.

The news source interviewed a medical professional named Dr. Kean Lawlor, who founded Seattle Skin. Dr. Lawlor said that…  

“Many do-it-yourself creams can damage the skin and leave severe scarring.”

5. Huffington Post:

Rebecca Baxt, an extremely reputable Dermatologist from New Jersey, said this in a Huffington Post article:

“I doubt that there is a cream that has active ingredients powerful enough to penetrate the human skin, which is a very effective barrier, to remove tattoo pigment trapped inside cells.”

I want to make something clear. I’m concerned for your safety.

The whole intention of this article is to ensure that you’re safe.

I’ve personally known people who were negatively affected by tattoo removal creams.

They can be dangerous.

Even the International Journal of Dermatology thinks that tattoo removal creams are dangerous.

They said that…

“Tattooed individuals and tattooists should be warned and discouraged to try other over‐the‐counter procedures because they are inefficient and sometimes at risk of cutaneous side effects.”

Still don’t believe me? Here are some nasty pictures to prove it…

1. This woman’s chest was burnt and melted as a result of using tattoo removal cream…

Tattoo Burn

2. Same thing here – this man’s arm was severely burned and scarred from tattoo removal cream.

severely burned and scarred

Since tattoo removal creams don’t work and are dangerous, what should you do?

First, don’t even consider tattoo removal creams.

As of now, laser tattoo removal is the only safe and effective option out there if you’d like to get a tattoo removed.


Not only do tattoo removal creams not work, but they’re also potentially dangerous to your health…

There’s no way the cream can penetrate deep enough in your skin to reach the tattoo’s ink… Science and medical professionals have confirmed this.

So what should you do if you want your tattoo removed?

Find a reputable, highly-rated tattoo removal clinic to perform laser tattoo removal.

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