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Facts About Running a Tattoo Removal Business

Walking into a Tattoo Removal clinic as a new client can sometimes be a bit frightening. As a clinic owner, you and your staff need to be sure to make your clients feel a warm, welcoming energy as soon as they enter. Laser tattoo removal is more than just a cosmetic procedure; it can also be a heavy experience because often our tattoos are attached to certain emotions or memories and letting go of that is not always an easy process.

Creating a comforting clinic to make your patients feel like home is of the utmost importance. Your reception area should be clean, organized and void of clutter. Your receptionist should be easy to spot and always greet everyone with a warm smile upon entering. For new clients, it is imperative that they fill out “new client” forms. These forms should be a combination of a thorough medical history as well as personal information such as; emergency contact info, physical address, email address, phone number, date of birth, employer, etc. Be sure to provide your clients a quiet, comfortable area to fill out their paperwork.

Once they have finished the paperwork, either your technician or receptionist should walk the client into the treatment room and introduce whoever will be doing the consultation. The consultation is your client’s opportunity to look over your treatment room which will help them with the decision to go through with the treatment or move on to a different clinic.

Always make sure your treatment room is clean, sanitized and set up for the next client. Every item in the room serves a purpose, starting with the laser itself. You want to make sure you are keeping up with the latest technology available. Many laser manufacturers will make claims about what their machines can do and what amount of time they can do it.  There are different devices which will appeal to different needs of the clinic. If your purpose as a clinic is more geared towards full removal, then your only option is the Quanta Q Plus C. This laser contains all three wavelengths that can go after all colors of the spectrum, even difficult to remove colors like blues, greens, and purples.

As far as the setup of the clinic room, safety is the focus. You want to choose a room without any windows; if you have to use a room with windows, they must be covered with black blinds, and the blinds must remain closed at all times. There can’t be any openings for the laser light to escape or any reflective objects for the laser to bounce off of (mirrors, frames, etc.).

While the window coverings have to be black (to absorb light), the treatment chair must be white (to reflect light). The reason being is because the laser that you will get treated with is looking for color and white is the absence of color. If for any reason the tech misses your tattoo and fires into the chair, nothing will happen and no damage will be caused to your chair (no color, nothing happens!). Let’s say you have a colored chair and the laser finds that color, your beautiful expensive chair now has a perfect white square on it.

Your treatment room needs to be fully stocked with all of the supplies you need. You must prep each client before treating, and if you are missing any of the key pieces of inventory, this will be difficult to pull off. To prepare a client you always want start by handing them a pair glasses to protect the eyes, and by giving them the glasses first thing this will ensure you don’t ever forget to give them to your client. The reason safety glasses are so important is because the laser is looking for color, and if for some reason the laser catches the back of your cornea it is game over for your vision. There are specific glasses you have to use for certain wavelengths, and those wavelength numbers are listed on the glasses. After the client has their safety glasses you want to make sure the treatment area is totally clean by wiping the area with a disposable alcohol wipe. Once the treatment site is prepped you need to take a clear photo. Pictures are vital when it comes to Tattoo Removal. You typically want to show your client their pictures after the 3rd or 4th treatment. This puts back some confidence in them and the whole process, especially when they are getting something removed that’s easily visible. Clients with fingers or hand tattoo’s are the ones that generally say the tattoo isn’t moving, this is because they tend to constantly stare at the tattoo. Once you show them their pictures, confidence is restored. Check out some of ReThink the Ink’s tattoo removal before and after pictures to see some great results that can be showcased on your website.

After completing the treatment, your client will be raised and swollen, and this typically lasts 24-48 hours. The technician doesn’t physically open any skin; it’s just the tissue surrounding the treatment site that is raised, swollen and sometimes has red hickey-like marks (also known as purpura). A small bandage should be applied on the treated area and taken off by the client within 3 hours. The dressing is applied for sanitation and discomfort reasons and should not remain on the skin for more than 3 hours, under any circumstances.

When the treatment is finished you will walk your client to the reception area to reschedule their appointment. You always want to reschedule them first to ensure they will come back and finish their treatments. It’s a good idea to be flexible with your clients as far a scheduling goes and make them feel like you will do your best to fit them in based on their schedule. Since treatments are generally over very quickly, you can usually squeeze them in between other appointments if they need it.
The bottom line when it comes to your clinic is to focus on making your client feel at home while maintaining the integrity and professionalism of a successful medical practice. That is one of the best way to become a laser tattoo removal expert.

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