You’re probably thinking that getting your tattoo removed by a powerful laser will feel like heat of a thousand suns burning through your flesh…

There’s an interesting discussion surrounding tattoo removal pain:

You’ve probably read forums of people venting as to how horribly painful the process was.

You’ve probably read information on tattoo removal clinic sites about how laser tattoo removal is painless.

And I’m sure you’ve probably heard the common description of tattoo removal pain:

That it feels like a hot rubber band being flicked against your skin.

But is that the truth?


In this article I’ll share the truth about laser tattoo removal pain:


  • How painful is laser tattoo removal?
  • What does laser tattoo removal pain actually feel like?
  • Is there anything you can do to help laser tattoo removal pain?
  • Is the pain of tattoo removal worth it?


How painful is laser tattoo removal?


The answer will depend on who you ask:

For the most part, laser tattoo removal does hurt.

But there’s a caveat to that:

Tattoo removal pain is bearable. And each tattoo removal procedure is very, very short.

But there’s even another caveat to that…

The quality of the laser technology, the experience of the technician, and the effectiveness of the tattoo removal cream and cooling agent can all influence how painful tattoo removal is.


What does the Pain of Laser Tattoo Removal Feel Like?


Here’s what my clients and everything you’ll read on the internet say about the pain of tattoo removal pain:

They say it feels like taking a hot rubberband and flicking it against your skin.

But again, the intensity of the pain is dependent on the tattoo removal clinic that you go to.

You’ve probably read stories of crazy pain, blistering skin, and limited mobility because of the pain.


The Science of Tattoo Removal Pain – What Does It Feel Like?


While I’ve had over a thousand laser tattoo removal patients, I want to give you the science of tattoo removal pain?


  • Do scientific studies conclude that tattoo removal is painful?
  • What does science say about tattoo removal pain?
  • Is there anything that can help the pain, according to science?


Here’s what the science has to say in a nutshell:


Tattoo removal is painful and uncomfortable. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

But, there are extremely effective numbing creams (like this one) and cooling systems that make tattoo removal much less painful. [6] [7]


Is The Pain of Tattoo Removal Worth It? My Clients and the Science Says Yes.


While tattoo removal can be painful, 99% of my clients say it’s worth it.

And since our practice is highly rated, we use the best technology, and we have the most effective numbing cream and Zimmer Cooling Agent, our patients often say the process is more uncomfortable (rather than painful).

But don’t listen to me…

The science agrees that tattoo removal pain is worth it. [8] [9]


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