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Steve Vance


  • Co-founder “The New Canvas”
  • L.T.R.S., L.S.O.
  • Graduate of A Laser Academy March 2013
  • Tattoo artist, “In The Flesh”

Steve Vance is a certified Instructor with A Laser Academy at the Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV locations. He first attended the academy as a student and quickly rose to success as an owner/ operator of The New Canvas; a laser tattoo removal facility in Colorado Springs, CO. Steve has been in the tattoo industry for 17 years and brings an unique insight to the removal industry from the perspective of a former tattoo artist, certified laser tattoo removal practitioner and business owner.

He looks forward to providing a candid learning experience and an astute representation of what it takes to add laser tattoo removal to your practice or open a facility that specializes in the practice of tattoo removal. Steve is proof of A laser academy’s commitment to provide the most information on both treatment and business to ensure your tattoo removal company excels. We can not emphasize enough how important education is prior to starting in the field, learn from people who just do not succeed , but excel and thrive. We our very proud to feature Steve as a instructor.

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