jeff goyette

Jeff Goyette

Instructor and Co-Founder

  • Owner, Inflicting Ink Tattoo and Removal in Rhode Island
  • Co-founder, A Laser Academy
  • Certified Instructor, A Laser Academy
  • Industry professional for more than 25 years, tattoo removal since 1999
  • Has treated and tattooed notable individuals and celebrities
  • Featured in d’inked motion picture (2014)
  • Featured on the Travel Channel (January 2014)
  • Pioneer in a removal process known as “needling”
  • Involved in clinical studies with the application of new technologies
  • Don’t let the smile fool you, he’s known as the “zen master of tattoo removal”

In 1989 Jeff Goyette started his career in the tattoo industry. Initially he worked in Massachusetts where, at that time, owning a tattoo shop was illegal. This forced Jeff to start his career on the road with the Tattoo Tour crossing the country several times over before he opened his Portsmouth, Rhode Island tattoo studio in the summer of 1994.

“If I don’t have time for tattooing anymore, what’s the point of everything else? Tattooing is, and will always be, my first love.”

Memberships & Associations

Jeff’s Bio

For more than 23 years, Jeff has been a visionary in the tattoo industry setting not just creative standards but health standards as well. Jeff was asked by the state of Rhode Island to help write the laws on tattoo parlor health regulations. He pushed for stricter standards in sterilization and cleanliness and actively campaigning to raise the requirements that would stop the spread of blood born pathogens. Recently, Rhode Island asked if he would open and manage a school for tattoo licensing in the state that would entail safety training and certification. Several states have already contacted Jeff regarding unifying the tattoo regulations that are currently in place.

As an artist, Jeff has won numerous awards and tattooed many celebrities. Some of the people Jeff has done work for include country musician Josh Thompson, the first “Survivor” winner Richard HatchThe Allman Brothers, and most recently author and ex-mob enforcer Ed Mackenzie. Among his awards, Jeff boasts various prizes for his fine-line and black and gray designs. Most recently he brought home the 1st place award for “Most Realistic Portrait Black and Gray” at the 11th Anniversary Full Moon Nashville Tattoo and Horror Festival in 2012. As a visionary, Jeff envisioned and then built by hand a one-of-a-kind mobile tattoo unit by converting a 78-foot expandable tractor trailer into a fully-functioning, sterile, three-station tattoo studio. Jeff travels across the country with the studio to participate in industry and charity events.

Taking on Laser Tattoo Removal

Early in his career Jeff noticed that getting a tattoo not only fulfilled a client’s dream, sometimes it became a source of anguish. As an ever increasing line of potential clients started to come into his shop looking for cover-ups, changes, or removal of unwanted or botched tattoos, Jeff saw this trend was only growing. The popularity of tattoos meant more and more people were getting tattooed without thinking about the important considerations of using a qualified artist and a reputable shop. This has led to a growth in the number of people looking for cover-up tattoos or, in some cases, a complete tattoo removal. Jeff began his search for a solution.

As a member of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists he received a lot of information about options, primarily tattoo removal lasers. Using the same meticulous and thorough process he used to research the machines, needles, chairs, inks, and sterilizing equipment he used in his tattoo shop Jeff searched for a tattoo removal laser. In the late 1990’s the industry was still developing and solutions were limited. By the end of the decade Jeff felt a lot of pressure to come up with an option for his potential clients and in 1999 he purchased his first laser and started performing tattoo removals.

The laser performed some of the removals but not to his satisfaction. Often it would remove some of the colors but not all. The solution helped but didn’t do the job he wanted or expected. Jeff went back to researching solutions. Year after year, lasers continued to be released promising new technology but not one could do the job fully. Those that came close provided a poor quality of experience for the client. Jeff continued to do extensive research vowing not to make another mistake.

Discovering Quanta

More than 10 years after his first purchase, Jeff discovered a company called Quanta in Italy. Founded in 1985, Quanta specializes in developing and building lasers for scientific, medical, and industrial applications. In 2009 they released the Q-Plus series of lasers specifically designed for medical and dermatological applications. They developed a triple wave length laser called the Q-Plus C and T specifically designed for tattoo removal. It provides the highest powered 3 wavelength laser to destroy all ink color molecules in a Q-switched system. The Quanta laser reportedly worked on all types of inks.

Jeff contacted the company and arranged to travel to Italy to thoroughly inspect and review the product. After a three-day tour and seminar, Jeff knew his search was over. One year into his purchase of the Quanta Q-Plus, Jeff had already recovered his investment with income from tattoo removals alone. The cooling attachment to the laser provides the highest possible comfort level for his clients, and they are ecstatic with the results. The power of the laser itself means it can produce better results faster with shorter treatments.

What does all this mean?

It means that Jeff has discovered a solution to drive an excellent stream of income into his shop. It also means that clients who have tattoos that they need treated now have a complete solution while being treated in a comfortable environment they already prefer. The word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients drive a steady stream of new consumers in the door daily. It also means that he is creating new tattoo clients for his shop by helping those who couldn’t get a cover-up or a new tattoo before now become tattoo clients.

Jeff has become certified by the State of Rhode Island as a licensed laser technician. He provides training and support to other tattoo shops that are learning how to use the machine. His knowledge and expertise in the industry led Tufts Medical in Boston to bring Jeff on as spot-instructor and consultant to medical professionals on the proper use of the Quanta Q Plus C and T laser tattoo removal system and on tattoo removal procedures. Jeff still manages to be a full-time tattoo artist in the midst of all of this. In his own words,

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