Starting A Tattoo Removal Business


Is There A Specific Type Of Clinic I Should Have For My Tattoo Removal Business?
The answer is no. Your office can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. Keep your office budget friendly. For the Tattoo Removal industry, you’ll need a small space for clients to wait, a treatment room, and a small area for an office or receptionist desk. However you decide to decorate your clinic, make sure the space is inviting and comfortable. Most clients become somewhat nervous before treatments, and it helps calm clients when they can look at magazines or watch television before their treatment.

Approximately How Long Should One Treatment Take?
Most tattoo removal sessions last an average of 15 minutes total depending on the size of the tattoo. Plan accordingly, don’t overbook and refrain from keeping patients waiting for long periods of time.

How Can I Maintain The Quality Of My Lasers?
The key element in starting a tattoo removal business is the laser itself. There are various types of laser devices, and you can learn how to use each one through comprehensive training. When its time to find the ideal laser device your clinic should use, it should complement the clinic’s objective, and it should represent the medical facility as a whole. Additionally, creating a real connection with the chosen laser company is crucial, and will pay off should you have any questions regarding laser maintenance and updates. All laser manufacturer companies deliver support and committal regarding their machine’s performance. However, if you go through a 3rd party vendor or purchase a device from overseas you will often forfeit the luxury of having factory support or warranties.

How Much Revenue Will One Patient Provide?
Every tattoo removal clinic quotes pricing differently. Some clinics sell their treatments in packages, while others sell by the treatment. Most tattoo removal businesses will quote their patients per square inch of ink being removed. Per session is about $150 or more depending on the size and pigment density of the tattoo. Approximately, the earnings per day can range anywhere from $400-$1,000 depending on the amount of foot traffic through the door.

How Will Marketing Affect My Tattoo Removal Business?
A marketing plan is crucial for getting your clinics name out to the public. The earlier the marketing execution begins, the more business you will receive right away. Both traditional and online marketing plans should be in action for the business to be visible to everyone in the area. Creating an official website for your business as early as possible will generate rankings which can potentially be converted into revenue. Hire a professional marketing agency ahead of time to campaign the business significantly before the opening date to build a connection with your soon to be customers.

How Many Employees Should I Hire?
When hiring medical staff, you should abide by the state’s rules and regulations, and make sure that all members are certified in the practice they will be performing. Each employee should receive the proper training and should be skilled in handling all equipment and procedures with patients. Most Tattoo Removal Clinics have one to two laser technicians that are certified to perform the treatment and a receptionist who can handle administrative tasks. As far as achieving the target revenue, there should be an organized goal your team aims to make daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Encourage your staff members to reach their goals by offering incentives. However, there should be an emphasis on the quality of service over quantity of service, because you want to persuade clients to revisit your clinic until their treatments are complete.

How Can I Encourage Existing Clients To Send Others To My Clinic?
Especially when your clinic is new, it is important to get as many new customers through your doors as possible, and sometimes, offering incentives to existing clients will get your business the traffic it needs. Referring a friend is one of the most efficient strategies that excites customers, especially if they are getting a perk or discount once they invite their friends or members of their family.

How Should I Handle No-Show Appointments?
No-Show appointments in the medical industry are extremely common and can hurt your business if they occur too frequently. To minimize these types of scenarios, you should set expectations for scheduled appointments, and if necessary, create a No-Show and Cancelation policy. Most tattoo removal clinics require a down payment to schedule a treatment, and this works as an incentive for the customer to show up on that day. Be flexible with your patients’ schedules, but be firm on your policies and follow through with consequence the patient might have previously been informed of.

What Types Of Payment Should I Accept?
Various forms of payment should be accepted. Almost all clinics accept credit and debit card transactions, though cash is encouraged too. Since tattoo removal is not part of health insurance, payment plan options should be created in the scenario your customer cannot pay out of pocket upfront. This will make clients who financially cannot afford to pay everything upfront happy, and they won’t have to turn away your treatments because of the cost.


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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Victor Beyer. I have employed Victor to teach laser tattoo removal to industry professionals as well as clients new to the industry. Victor has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to his excellent business accomplishments, he has maintained a high degree of professionalism with a true passion to help those entering into laser tattoo removal. Victor is a true asset to the organization, and I am happy to give him my wholehearted endorsement.

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